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Meet our new sister company...

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As our sister company, we're offering all GHOST ROCK current and future clients 10% off apparel, poster, and sticker printing. 


We're done with social. It's garbage.

Anecdotally, we've seen clients get obsessed with the numbers generated by cheap social media advertising, like a dopamine fix - much to the detriment of their business.

We've seen user engagement decrease suddenly and without explanation, forcing businesses to spend more money for the same placements.

We've seen unwarranted censorship of certain industries.

We've dealt with countless trolls.

We've witnessed families torn apart over one post.

We've watched as profile after profile goes silent. I personally believe Facebook is overstating their active, 'real' user base.

We've blocked and reported more fake profiles than I can count.

We're done.

Want to learn more about what we're doing now? 


The robots are impressive, but they stay inert without input. Our owners have over a decade in web content creation experience. We understand how to leverage new tech to weather the coming storm and rise above the waves. 


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Constance A. Dunn

Meet Constance - the kind of woman who eats a doughnut on the tip of knife. A risk taker by disposition, responsible by birth order, and self-taught through determination. Constance gave herself her own name when she felt she had done enough to deserve it. An actress by education and background, a writer by instinct and hard knocks. Constance is an owner of GHOST ROCK.

Nikola Mihaelj Ross

All things video, editing, and photo. A historian by education, an independent spirit with an entrepreneurial flair, tough but with an easy smile. Raised resourceful, Nikola's sharp eyes and intellect miss nothing. Nikola is a GHOST ROCK owner and founder.


"Ghost Rock comes from a different angle than any other marketing agency I’ve seen."
Steven Ton - The Pine Room

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