The hospitality and travel industry is the first to feel the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. 


We are working around the clock with our clients to address these affects on their businesses.

We have also extended our hours to be available 24/7 for small business owners. Call us at 502-414-4659 if you are an entrepreneur or small business owner and you need to be talked off a cliff. We are waiving all consulting and strategy fees. 

We are committed to seeing our clients through this strange and stressful time. We will be pooling all our resources to help support businesses in their time of need.


Video Tours

Many businesses in hospitality, real estate and event planning will not be able to give site tours during COVID shutdowns and into the recovery period. Video tours are a great alternative to help book future business. Get in touch with details about your project for a quote. Visit our video portfolio here.

Live Stream Production

Instead of canceling your event, produce a professional live stream with up to 10 cameras devices, real time graphics, animation and a crew. Off set revenue loss with a paywall to attend your online event. Get a quote.

Fast web store & gift card build out

We keep things simple by using your existing site to set up gift card and online commerce overnight. There is a community of consumers out there that want to support your business. Give them the tools they need. 

Local SEO

Track your search ranking, update your listings, catch up with reviews all from one place. Search engine ranking and reviews can make or break a business. Get in touch for a quote.  

Ads on Social Media

When the dust settles, it's time to start advertising your new services, products, hours, and policies. GHOST ROCK is one of the best in the biz at ad design and social media ad placements. Our client's ad campaigns see immediate ROI on the ground and in bank. We work with all budgets to make sure your business is seen and appreciated.

Some of Our Clients


Constance A. Dunn

Meet Constance - the kind of woman who eats a doughnut on the tip of knife. A risk taker by disposition, responsible by birth order, and self-taught through determination. Constance gave herself her own name when she felt she had done enough to deserve it. An actress by education and background, a writer by instinct and hard knocks. Constance is an owner of GHOST ROCK.

Nikola Mihaelj Ross

All things video, editing, and photo. A historian by education, an independent spirit with an entrepreneurial flair, tough but with an easy smile. Raised resourceful, Nikola's sharp eyes and intellect miss nothing. Nikola is a GHOST ROCK owner and founder.

Sally Jean Wegert

Meet Sally Jean - audaciously millennial and hopelessly talented. Sally Jean loses JUULs and collects vintage, but with an eye for storytelling she's a shoe in as creative strategist at GHOST ROCK. Boomers appreciate her work ethic, gen xers dig her scrunchies, while Sally drifts between each group with her camera capturing deep truths in the eyes that bridge the gap. 

What We Do

GHOST ROCK is a content creation and digital brand management agency. Check out our services: photography, videography, copywriting, ghostwriting, social media management, digital strategy, graphic design, web updates & local SEO, customer relationship management. 

What we're known for: our professionalism and large network of local creatives on call. 

"Fantastic and professional crew with incredible creative talent. So much fun to work with."

Mandie Creed of CED  


Mon - Fri: 7am - 5pm

​​Saturday: 8am - 5pm

​Sunday: Event hours only

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