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GHOST ROCK is a content creation and digital brand management agency. Check out our services: photography, videography, copywriting, ghostwriting, social media management, digital strategy, graphic design, web updates & local SEO, live stream production, customer relationship management, social media ad placement.


Do you need help with any of the above? We provide everything from budget friendly software options to fully crewed creative project production. Bottom line, we get down to business. Let's make you some money. 


Some of Our Past and Present Clients


Constance A. Dunn

Meet Constance - the kind of woman who eats a doughnut on the tip of knife. A risk taker by disposition, responsible by birth order, and self-taught through determination. Constance gave herself her own name when she felt she had done enough to deserve it. An actress by education and background, a writer by instinct and hard knocks. Constance is an owner of GHOST ROCK.

Nikola Mihaelj Ross

All things video, editing, and photo. A historian by education, an independent spirit with an entrepreneurial flair, tough but with an easy smile. Raised resourceful, Nikola's sharp eyes and intellect miss nothing. Nikola is a GHOST ROCK owner and founder.

Sally Jean Wegert

Meet Sally Jean - audaciously millennial and hopelessly talented. Sally Jean loses JUULs and collects vintage, but with an eye for storytelling she's a shoe in as creative strategist at GHOST ROCK. Boomers appreciate her work ethic, gen xers dig her scrunchies, while Sally drifts between each group with her camera capturing deep truths in the eyes that bridge the gap. 

"Fantastic and professional crew with incredible creative talent. So much fun to work with."

Mandie Creed of CED  


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