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Why a GHOST ROCK S & P Service?  

A social media and digital strategy and policy is the basis for company good practice. But what is it actually? Does my company need a policy? What will happen if I don't have a company policy? Who owns the content that I publish? 

The list of questions goes on and on...

GHOST ROCK is expanding its current services to offer businesses big and small expertise in the area of policy building and strategy. We encounter issues related to the ever-changing field of technology, privacy and ownership on a daily basis. Our unique experience as a content creation hub and page management agency gives us daily exposure to the realities of user experiences online, changes in algorithms and up-to-the-minute knowledge of tech case studies that have no precedent in law. 

With each new technological advance comes new challenges. Let us help you build policies and strategies that protect you and your content. 

Get in touch to set up a meeting.

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