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Interview with Singer and Songwriter Kiana Del from Kiana and The Sun Kings

Kiana releases her new single live on Friday (9/18) on her Facebook page. Stream produced by GHOST ROCK. Art direction by Sally Jean Wegert.

Kiana photo and styling by Sally Jean Wegert.

Where does your music have its roots?

My music has its roots in soul, Motown, R&B, and jazz. I grew up in the Baptist church and although I’m no longer religious, the collaborative nature of call-and-response gospel still shows itself in my music.

What typically inspires a song? Nature, relationships, all of the above? 

Relationships have inspired my music in the past, but lately I’ve been reading poets like Kiki Petrosino and Morgan Parker to help inspire some abstraction in my writing. I’m now using the familiarity of the language of relationships as a metaphor for other things.

At what age did you first perform live? What was it like? 

I first performed live in church at age 4. I‘ve always been quite the showboat, so I think I felt excited and wanted to hear everyone clap for me. 

What can you tell us about your new single? Should we expect a full album soon?

Our new single has been a long time comin’ ! I’m so excited to share this work with the world, it’s an amalgamation of ideas from each one of my band members. I believe it truly captures the essence of all things “change.” Be that real change, or the same thing disguised as something new. No album anytime soon, but we are currently working on a two part E.P. Part one of which you can expect in the near future!

Album cover for Kiana and The Sun Kings new single. Artwork by Jordan Blase.

What are your hopes for your music and band in the future?

My hopes for the future are for a tour in a post-COVID world, releasing these two EPs and seeing other people emotionally moved by our work. Hoping to get some recognition with this music!

Covid really f**ked everything up for live music. If you were in charge of planning the ultimate post covid concert what would it be like? 

Oh man.... the ultimate post-COVID concert would be on a HUGE stage with all the bells and whistles... I mean lights, sound, maybe even a live video. I’d be on the bill with a couple other of my local faves, and we’d be playing to like 500 people.

What's your advice to people who want to continue to support independent musicians with live event cancellations? 

The most important way to support live musicians is by sending them virtual tips via Venmo and Cashapp [Kiana's handle for both of these apps is $kianadelmusic]. Even if it’s just $5, every little bit helps. SHARE SHARE SHARE! TUNE IN to live streams and comment! Engagement is SO important right now, and this includes steaming our music, sharing it, posting about it, liking our posts and virtually “showing up” for us.

Thank you Kiana! We'll see on Friday live at Kiana Del Music on Facebook.

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