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Interview with Artist/Illustrator Erika Busse

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

In 2020, GHOST ROCK awarded five marketing service grants to five artists and entrepreneurs to help keep their work visible during the COVID 19 upset. Gig workers, performers, and commission-based freelancers have were hit hard by the pandemic's economic affects, but their grit and persistence has carried them through. We're honored that a handful of these creatives allowed us to work alongside them.

Consider hiring a contract artist, musician, voiceover actor, photographer, or creative for your next independent project.


Erika Busse does it all, from painting to animation, she is the embodiment of creative energy. While to some this switching between mediums may be construed as flighty, Busse's execution shows that she is anything but. Her work reveals an uninterrupted flow from her third eye to the brush. What makes her approach truly remarkable is her ability to transform her style completely to craft the vision of others without sacrificing the quality of her technique.

1. Nature inspires your work. When did you first recognize the impetus to make art from nature?

I have always felt most at home outside. I started making art seriously in college and spent more time in nature as well. This led to a detachment from the material and urban world. Yearning for a deeper connection to truth and wisdom, I went outside to be alone. I spend a lot of time in nature listening, looking. I love the colors, the forms, and the miracles I experience. I let this inspire and fuel my art because I want to be a channel for this. I believe that a deeper connection to nature and each other is the only way we will save our planet and unlock secrets to the future.

2. Why do you enjoy collaborating with musicians?

I love working with musicians because they understand the artistic process and usually are down the funkiest and most eccentric designs.

3. Your work spans mediums: print, painting, illustration, animation. What haven't you done yet that you would like to try?

I want to get into some clay work. I used to love hand sculpting and would like to do that again as a relaxing activity.

4. What is your favorite piece in your portfolio to date?

Super hard to choose! I would say my spirit animal of musicians series. I love making these because I only choose artists whose music I feel connected to. Digital painting is a new medium for me, so I have a lot of fun experimenting with that! 5. Tell us about your typical client.

My typical client is a creative with a grand idea and a lot of passion. I help people's dreams and visions come to life. I work with anyone from children's' book authors, to small businesses, to publishers, to photographers, and musicians.

6. What advice do you have for artists looking to start a business?

I would advise to start by only taking projects that fit your style and interests. You might say no to a lot of people at first, but that is ok. You will develop your skills and interests in the meantime, and more clients who align with that will come your way.

Erika Busse is based in North Carolina. She is available for commissions. Reach out to Erika at with your next design project.

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