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Below are examples of work and results from a sample of               clients.

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Galt House Hotel

The Galt House Hotel is the largest hotel in the southeast with six onsite dining options and 130,000 square feet of convention and meeting space. GHOST ROCK's full spectrum social media, digital brand management, ghost writing, CRM, and social ad buying have given this iconic hotel a competitive edge with a new generation of travelers. 
GHOST ROCK redefined the image of the Galt House online and ushered in a steady (and organic) rise in followers and engagement. Our content for the Galt House Hotel regularly reaches over 28 million users and counting during the Derby season and maintains high engagement during the rest of the year. 
In the four years that GHOST ROCK worked alongside The Galt House, the hotel saw an average of 60% increase in engagement each year. 
The Galt House Hotel

The Pine Room

The Pine Room is fresh, light, inviting, and smart. GHOST ROCK is developing an online voice for this new addition to a historic neighborhood. The Pine Room is an independent, neighborhood restaurant with a classy vibe. 
The reviews flood in for new restaurants and we were there to meet them with well written responses. We created striking Instagram layouts to introduce the restaurant to users, as well as provided photography and digital strategy to keep traffic up and drive reservations. This new brand gained thousands of followers in the first two months and continues to see gains in engagement. 
The Pine Room Restaurant Interior
Cocktails at the Pine Room
Photo of cocktail mixing
Photo of sign at night
Instagram layout design
Instagram profile
Three Boys Farm Distillery

Three Boys Farm Distillery is a bourbon and whiskey distillery in Kentucky. Built on a tradition of craftsmanship and independent determination, Three Boys needed a new website and photography to make their destination stand out on the Bourbon Trail next to major brands. GHOST ROCK's designs and photography help give Three Boys credibility with bourbon tourists and distilling professionals. Three Boys saw a 375% growth in engagement in the first few weeks of working with the GHOST ROCK team on design, content creation, social media management, and web updates. 

Bourbonism is booming and whiskey making entrepreneurs are taking advantage of Kentucky's tourism growth. We're proud to be part of that growth and give independent businesses distinction alongside their corporate neighbors. 

Whiskey Thief Rye Whiskey
Bourbon by Three Boys Distillery
Sales sheet design
Three Boys Distillery
Website Three Boys Distillery

Vintage Voyage

Vintage Voyage is the brainchild of GHOST ROCK founder and owner Constance A. Dunn and GHOST ROCK creative Jordan Blase. 

The duo sources ramshackle vintage campers and rebuilds them into artist-designed travel experiences. Each camper is designed by a different artist, giving GHOST ROCK opportunities to show off their creative prowess. Vintage Voyage's first of fleet, The Mothership, is designed by Blase as a 1960s space travel experience. 

Photo concept by Constance A. Dunn, makeup by Jordan Blase and Dunn, hair by Dunn, photos by Blase, editing by Blase and Dunn. 

Alien babes in front of The Mothership
Alien babes on the Moon
Alien babes on Mars
Alien babes on Mars

Jake & Elwood's

GHOST ROCK worked with Chicago native John Thurlow to build a brand standard for his fast casual, Chicago-themed restaurant in Louisville, KY.  Taking inspiration from the Blues Brothers and other Chicago icons, designer Peyton Hobson designed a menu that can easily be edited by the client and a versatile, eye-catching logo. 

GHOST ROCK provided ad design, placements, and content increased engagement by 30% over the owner's posts and brought on-the-ground results.

Food photography by GHOST ROCK owner and co-founder Nikola Mihaelj Ross. 

Hot dog with relish, tomato, pickle and mustard
Chicago themed menu design
Old Style beer
Deep dish pizza with stretchy cheese

Moby Dick Restaurants

Moby Dick Restaurants is family-owned fast food franchise with a 50+ year history and 15 locations.

GHOST ROCK is assisting the next generation of the Moby Dick family to build a brand online that honors the chain's history and introduces their quality seafood products to a new diners. 

GHOST ROCK's first run of social media ad placements gave Moby Dick a 2,239% increase in engagement in just three weeks.

Ballerinas posing outside in front of a restaurant
Little girl makes a happy face with a bag of fast food
Skater jumps over a cup in parking lot
Breaded man stands in front of Moby Dick location

Some of Our Past and Present Clients

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